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Burgers & Specialty Sandwiches
Served on a Kaiser Roll (All burgers 100% Angus Beef) Served with fries.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Classic American $9.69 each
1/2lb angus burger topped with lettuce, tomato, mayo and American cheese. Served on a Kaiser roll topped off with bacon

Smokehouse Burger $9.79 each
1/2 lb Angus steak burger with sauteed mushrooms and smokehouse bacon, smothered in our smokey signature sauce - bold in flavor and topped off with colby and jack cheese, served on a grilled Kaiser roll.

Main Street Style $9.79 each
1/2 lb Angus steak burger with sugar cured bacon, lettuce, tomato, tangy sauce, American cheese and topped with Main Street battered onion served on a grilled Kaiser roll.

Club House Griller $8.79 each
Grilled deli ham, turkey and smoked bacon, melted cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard served on a grilled Kaiser roll.

Triple Decker Rueban $10.49 each
Sliced corn beef melted swiss and grilled kraut topped off with 1000 island. Stacked on a triple deck of grilled marble rye bread

Prime Rib $10.89 each
Aged Prime Rib seared and seasoned just right. Thinly sliced and piled high with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Served on a grilled Kaiser roll with Au Jus dipping sauce.

Crabby Patty $10.99 each
One lump crab cake, pan-seared, and served with our signature sauce on a grilled Kaiser roll.